Demi Lovato Abandons Non-Binary, Finds Leftist Gender Chaos Exhausting

Demi Lovato’s gender pronoun flip-flopping is making headlines again, and this time it’s because the former Disney star has reversed her claim that she is non-binary, opting to use “she/her” pronouns once again. Apparently, Lovato found the process of using “they/them” pronouns too exhausting and confusing for both her and everyone around her. Can you imagine the confusion and mental strain that comes with constantly changing how you identify and what pronouns to use? It’s enough to make one’s head spin!

Of course, Lovato is also advocating for more gender-neutral spaces in the process, but the reality is, this constant changing and redefining of traditional gender norms can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming. It also places an undue burden on society as a whole, as we’re forced to adapt to new pronouns and identities that are being invented every day.

Nonetheless, Lovato remains committed to far-left gender ideologies, even though they’re confusing and alienating to many. According to Lovato, “it’s just all about respect,” and everyone should be able to choose their own pronouns, regardless of how confusing or irrational they may seem.

This is just another example of the radical leftist agenda that’s pushing for widespread acceptance of gender fluidity. It’s time for society to push back against this agenda and uphold traditional gender norms and pronouns, which have been in place for centuries without causing confusion or chaos. Demi Lovato’s constant flip-flopping on her pronouns should serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks that gender fluidity is a good idea.

Written by Staff Reports

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