Ted Cruz Slams FBI’s Double Standard: Ignores Biden’s Shady Deals, Targets Trump

Senator Ted Cruz is not happy with the FBI’s lack of accountability. He called out its “complete and utter double standard” based on contempt for American citizens. Cruz also questioned how much money the Biden family did in business with countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and a dozen others. He criticized how the House Oversight Committee took so long to get the suspicious activity reports and why Director Wray would only cooperate with the committee once Congress threatened him with contempt.

Cruz claimed that the FBI and DOJ feel that they can act as contemptuously as they want towards the public because they believe they will not be called out on it. According to Cruz, Senate Democrats do not care about the allegations against Joe Biden. They are not holding a single hearing on the matter, and they know that the corporate media will cover it up and hide it from the public.

Cruz also pointed out that when Joe Biden was asked about the allegations, he laughed and said, “where’s the money?” similar to how Al Capone would mock people. Biden knows if those allegations were false. He could direct the FBI to hand over the recordings that will demonstrate his innocence. However, his henchmen at DOJ are stonewalling instead of allowing the FBI to investigate these credible allegations from a trusted informant.

Cruz believes that the FBI is a thoroughly politicized and weaponized rogue agency. He compares the Trump indictment with the allegations against Joe Biden, suggesting that there is a double standard. Cruz argues that if they want to indict someone for having classified documents, why not Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden? They won’t because they’re on the team. Trump is their enemy, and they are willing to do anything to get an upper hand over him.

Cruz suggested that the threshold should be high when it comes to indicting a sitting or a former president. Taking a personal bribe of five million dollars from a foreign national would meet that threshold, but classified stuff does not. He believes that the FBI and DOJ should focus on investigating real crimes instead of going after political rivals.

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