Biden’s DOJ Panics as Trump Fights Back: No Silence for 45!

The delusional leftists in Biden’s Justice Department seriously underestimated the fight that lies within Donald Trump. They thought they could come after him without consequence, but now they’re running scared. The former president has made it clear that he will seek revenge on those who dare to target him, and that has sent Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office into a frenzy.

The Associated Press reports that Smith’s office is desperately seeking a protective order against Trump to limit what information he and his legal team can share with the public regarding the indictments he faces. They’re scared that Trump’s updates and opinions on his Truth Social platform will expose their witch hunt for what it truly is.

It’s not the first time prosecutors have tried to silence Trump. They just can’t stand the fact that he refuses to be silenced and continues to speak his mind. But this time, the judge overseeing the case, Tanya Chutkan, is entertaining their ridiculous request. She’s giving Trump’s legal team until the end of the day on Monday to respond.

Of course, Trump’s legal team requested an extension and a hearing on the matter, but Chutkan denied their pleas. It seems like fairness and due process are foreign concepts to these radical leftists. They’re doing everything they can to rush through this case and prevent Trump from mounting a strong defense.

Now, why are they so terrified of what Trump might say? It’s simple – he speaks the truth. He’s not afraid to call out the witnesses, judges, attorneys, and others involved in his legal battles. And he’s made it abundantly clear that he won’t back down. In one of his recent Truth Social posts, Trump boldly stated, “If you go after me, I’m coming after you!” That sent shockwaves through the swamp, and they’re scrambling to silence him.

But Trump isn’t backing down. Just yesterday, he took aim at the judge overseeing his federal indictment, questioning the fairness of the trial. He vowed to have the judge disqualified and requested a change in venue, away from the biased confines of Washington, D.C. And he has every right to question the integrity of the judicial system that has been so stacked against him.

It’s clear that President Trump is not going down without a fight. He will use every tool at his disposal to expose the corruption, bias, and unfairness surrounding his case. The left may try to silence him, but they will fail. The truth will prevail, and justice will be served. Stay tuned, folks, because the battle is just heating up.

Written by Staff Reports

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