Trump Betrayed? Smith’s Office Accused of Preemptive Media Leaks, Reports Habba

In the latest twist in the legal saga between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), lead attorney Alina Habba has accused the DOJ of colluding with the media to shape a biased narrative around Trump’s indictments. Habba revealed in an interview with Newsmax that special counsel Jack Smith’s office goes so far as to share information with the press before informing Trump’s legal team.

According to Habba, there is no direct communication with her team regarding the ongoing proceedings. Instead, they often learn about developments through media leaks, highlighting what she describes as the “current circumstance in our country.” Expressing her disappointment, Habba emphasized that the lack of personal heads-up from the DOJ is indicative of their preference for the press to have the first word.

Habba also touched upon a looming indictment expected in Fulton County, Georgia. Leftist district attorney Fani Willis reportedly plans to charge Trump under RICO statutes typically associated with dismantling organized crime syndicates. Habba anticipates similar leaks and a lack of collegiality in this case as well, remarking that traditionally, attorneys extend courtesies and engage in discussions when working together. However, she sees no such camaraderie due to the politically motivated nature of the proceedings.

In her concluding remarks, Habba criticized the stark divide between left and right, with the left adopting a hardline stance and refusing to engage in discussion with those on the right. She expressed her frustration with this approach, emphasizing that it does not align with her principles as an attorney. Habba lamented how President Trump continues to face unfair treatment at the hands of the DOJ.

The accusations made by Alina Habba raise serious concerns about the impartiality of the DOJ’s handling of President Trump’s legal battles. If true, it would further affirm the existence of a biased media landscape that is all too eager to promote narratives that are critical of conservative figures. It is a sad state of affairs when political motivations are prioritized over fairness and adherence to legal protocols. The lack of communication and courtesies between the DOJ and Trump’s legal team only confirms the need for a thorough investigation into the matter. The actions of the DOJ and its alleged collaboration with the media must be scrutinized and condemned if proven to be true. It is crucial that justice is served without prejudice, irrespective of one’s political beliefs.

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