Third Strike: Trump Indictment Part of Biden’s 2024 Sabotage Plan?

In yet another attempt to vilify former President Donald Trump, the biased Special Counsel Jack Smith and President Joe Biden’s corrupt Department of Justice (DOJ) have brought a third indictment against him. It’s clear that these charges are nothing more than a politically motivated attack on Trump’s potential candidacy for the 2024 presidential election. The biased media is all too happy to amplify their narrative, as demonstrated by CBS News’ recent poll.

According to the poll, a slight majority of Americans, 51 percent, believe that Trump planned to stay in the presidency through illegal and unconstitutional activities. But let’s not forget that these are just baseless accusations and not actual evidence. It’s no surprise that most Republicans, who are well aware of the fraudulent 2020 election, believe that Trump’s efforts to contest the results were lawful and constitutional.

Furthermore, the poll claims that 54 percent of respondents believe Trump was “undermining democracy.” This is a misleading statement designed to paint Trump as a threat to our democratic institutions. The truth is that Trump was simply questioning the legitimacy of an election marred by irregularities and potential fraud. Upholding the rule of law and defending democracy should not be seen as threats; it should be applauded.

Interestingly, the poll fails to mention the concerns of Republicans that these indictments are an attack on everyday Americans. Trump himself has made it clear that he sees himself as a champion for the people, someone who is being unjustly targeted by the political elites. It’s a shame that the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge the perspective of those who support Trump and feel that their voices are being silenced.

The poll also reveals the deep partisan divide when it comes to perceptions of the charges. While 68 percent of Republicans believe that Biden is not the legitimate winner of the 2020 election, only 35 percent of overall respondents share this view. This discrepancy further highlights the biased nature of the poll and the media’s unwillingness to acknowledge the concerns of conservatives.

It’s crucial to note that other polls have also shown that the charges against Trump have been politicized. Yet, the American people are still not fully awake to the dangers these indictments pose to our democracy. The Biden administration and their cronies in the DOJ are willing to engage in dirty tricks to undermine any Republican nominee who dares to challenge their agenda.

The concerns raised by prominent figures like lawyer and law professor Alan Dershowitz, who is a Democratic voter, should not be ignored. Dershowitz, who has defended Trump in the past, has voiced his dissatisfaction with the way this prosecution is being carried out. Even as an anti-Trump voter, he recognizes the importance of preserving our democratic rights and rejecting politically motivated prosecutions.

It’s time for the American people to wake up and see through the biased narrative being peddled by the media and the Biden administration. These indictments are nothing more than a desperate attempt to silence Trump and his supporters. We must stand up for our democratic values and demand a fair and just legal process, free from partisan agendas.

Written by Staff Reports

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