Biden’s Economic Fantasy Clashes with Voter Reality

President Joe Biden has once again taken to the mic, this time to trash recent news coverage of his economic policies. In a nutshell, he’s not too happy with how his so-called economic triumphs are being portrayed. But can we really blame the reporters? Let’s break it down.

Biden’s rallying cry for reporters to “start reporting it the right way” comes hot on the heels of some impressive-sounding statistics: inflation rates are down to 2.6%, and unemployment has hit a measly 3.7%. But pump the brakes, folks! Sure, these numbers sound promising, but let’s not be too quick to break out the fireworks just yet.

The real story here is that, despite Biden’s attempts to put a shiny spin on things, the facts speak for themselves. According to a recent Monmouth University poll, a whopping 70% of voters aren’t buying what the President is selling when it comes to inflation. And who can blame them? Empty grocery store shelves and sky-high gas prices are enough to make anyone question Biden’s economic prowess.

When it comes to job growth, Biden fares slightly better, with a lukewarm 42% approval rating. But let’s not forget the other 58% who are giving him a big thumbs down. It’s clear that Biden’s economic track record isn’t exactly knocking anyone’s socks off.

And here’s the real kicker: voters overwhelmingly believe that former President Donald Trump would be better at handling the economy. Ouch! That’s got to sting for ol’ Joe. It’s no wonder he’s scrambling to change the narrative and get the media on his side.


Written by Staff Reports

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