Biden’s Failing Policies Puzzle Tapper, NPR Host Claims She Holds the Solution!

NPR host Ayesha Rascoe appeared on CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper” to discuss President Joe Biden’s trip to Arizona and his efforts to push his radical progressive environmental agenda. Tapper pointed out that Biden’s approval rating on the economy is abysmal, with only 37 percent of Americans approving of his handling of the economy and 63 percent disapproving. Despite all of Biden’s rhetoric and promises, the American people are not feeling the positive effects of his policies.

Rascoe suggested that the reason for this disconnect is that Biden is not a charismatic candidate who can inspire people to feel warm and fuzzy about him. She acknowledged that Biden has done some good things for the economy, such as low unemployment and decreasing inflation, but people are not feeling it in their pocketbooks. Everything seems more expensive, and Biden has failed to connect with the American people and make them feel like he has done something for them.

This is a common problem for Democrats who rely on big government solutions and fail to understand that their policies are not the answer. They continue to believe that it’s just a matter of messaging and not the actual message or the people delivering it. But the American people are not buying it. They know that more government spending is not the solution to their problems. It’s encouraging to see that at least some Americans are aware that spending more money won’t fix the economy.

In summary, Biden’s policies are failing to persuade Americans because he lacks the charisma of previous Democratic presidents and the American people are not seeing the positive effects of his policies in their daily lives. It’s time for Democrats to reevaluate their big government approach and start listening to the concerns of the American people.

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