Biden’s Furry Friend Unleashes Chaos – White House Staffer Bitten!

President Biden’s German Shepard, Commander, is making headlines once again for his aggressive behavior. Photos obtained by the Daily Mail show the First Dog biting a longtime White House staffer. This contradicts previous claims from the White House that Commander only bites Secret Service personnel.

The incident occurred on September 13 when White House grounds superintendent Dale Haney was playing with the dog. Commander suddenly became aggressive and bit down on Haney’s arm. This comes after another biting incident with a Secret Service agent on September 25, as reported by CNN.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy confronted White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre about the latest incident during a press briefing. Doocy asked about the frequency of Commander’s biting episodes, but Jean-Pierre refused to answer and redirected him to the Secret Service.

According to anonymous White House staffers who spoke to Politico, Commander is usually friendly and they have never seen him behave aggressively towards non-security staff. However, the recent photos of the biting incident seem to contradict these claims.

In July, the New York Post reported that Commander had bitten seven Secret Service employees and shown aggression towards three others just between October 2022. The seriousness of Commander’s aggression is highlighted by a documented incident where a Secret Service agent had to be briefly hospitalized due to bite injuries on their arms and thigh.

This is not the first time the Bidens have faced issues with their German Shepards. They previously had to part ways with another dog named Major after he bit not only a Secret Service agent but also additional White House staffers. Major was subsequently sent to live with family friends.

Considering the number of biting incidents involving Commander, it raises concerns about the First Dog’s temperament and whether he is suitable for the White House environment. The safety and well-being of White House staff should not be compromised, and the Bidens need to take appropriate action to ensure that.

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