Rapper Breaks Silence: ‘Trump’s Loved in the Hood’

In an interview with podcast host Theo Von, rapper Sexyy Red expressed her growing support for former President Donald Trump within the black community. The “Pound Town” singer stated that more black people are getting behind Trump as a potential candidate for the 2024 election. She mentioned that initially, people in the hood were skeptical of Trump, thinking he was racist and disrespectful towards women. However, once he started helping black individuals get out of jail and distributing stimulus checks, support for him soared.

Sexyy Red wholeheartedly endorsed Trump, expressing the need for him to return to office. She praised his ability to provide financial assistance, claiming that “a little bit of free money goes a long way.” The rapper jokingly referred to the stimulus checks as a major factor in wanting Trump back. She also described Trump as bold and funny, admiring his outspoken nature. “We need people like him,” Sexyy Red concluded.

According to The Washington Post, there is a noticeable shift in support towards Trump among black and Hispanic voters leading up to the 2024 election. Polls indicate that in head-to-head matchups with Joe Biden, Trump is performing particularly well among these demographics. On average, he has garnered 20% of the black vote and 42% of the Hispanic vote across five reputable polls.

Another rapper who has shown support for Trump is the iconic Ice Cube. Earlier this year, he encouraged black Americans to reconsider their allegiance to the Democratic Party, arguing that nothing has substantially changed despite decades of support. Ice Cube questioned the reasons behind the African American community’s unwavering support for Democrats and called for a change in the status quo.

It seems that Trump’s influence within minority communities is steadily growing, as more individuals like Sexyy Red and Ice Cube voice their support. As the 2024 election approaches, it will be interesting to see how this support impacts the political landscape. One thing’s for sure, Trump’s bold personality and knack for being “funny” as described by Sexyy Red, certainly make him a memorable figure.

Source= The Daily Fetched

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