Biden’s Ghostly Re-Election Campaign: Why Conservatives Should Be on High Alert!

Joe Biden’s lack of a re-election campaign should alarm everyone, especially considering he has more money on hand than any other potential candidate. It’s not like he has to win a primary, so why isn’t he hiring campaign staff? According to his aides, this is all part of the plan, but that’s just scary.

Biden’s campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, has been planning the reelection effort with just three other paid staffers. Their entire operation has only cost $1.4 million so far, a fraction of what Obama’s campaign spent during the same period. But Biden’s team says this skeletal operation is actually a strength.

The fact that Biden has only spent $1.4 million compared to Obama’s $10 million at this point in their campaigns should make you raise an eyebrow. Money isn’t an issue for Biden, as donors are lining up to pour cash into his campaign. So why the lack of spending? It’s concerning because it suggests a certain level of confidence from Biden.

There are a couple of possibilities for Biden’s confidence. One is that he knows he won’t be the nominee, so he’s not putting in the effort. Vice President Kamala Harris is starting to make moves that could boost her image, and California Gov. Gavin Newsom is also a potential contender. Newsom may have ruined his own state, but he’s a smooth talker who could win over suburban women, a key demographic in national elections.

The other possibility is that Biden wants to run against Donald Trump. This would explain his confidence and lack of effort. Biden and his team may believe that Trump can’t sway independent voters and that he’s facing legal trouble that will prevent him from being a strong opponent. They may be underestimating Trump, but it’s clear that Biden prefers to face him in the election.

Overall, Biden’s lack of a re-election campaign is concerning. It suggests that he and his team have a plan, but what that plan is remains unclear. Given the underhanded tactics we’ve seen from Democrats in the past, it’s important to be cautious. We can’t predict what will happen, but we should definitely be wary of Biden’s confidence. The voters will ultimately decide how this plays out, so it’s up to us to stay informed and make the best choice for our country.

Written by Staff Reports

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