Jason Aldean Tips Hat to Faux Rage Mob; Thanks for the Publicity!

Country singer Jason Aldean is basking in the success of his song “Try That in a Small Town,” all thanks to the outrage mob on the hard left. You know, those people who love to find something to complain about and get all riled up over nothing? Yeah, those guys. Well, their faux outrage actually ended up boosting Aldean’s sales and streams. Talk about a win for the good guys!

The controversy started when the leftist mob accused Aldean of being a racist because of the lyrics and music video of his song. Country Music Television even caved to the pressure and pulled the video. But guess what happened? Sales of the song skyrocketed, reaching a total of 227,000 for the week, and on-demand streams shot up by a whopping 440.2 percent. Take that, cancel culture!

Of course, the leftists were all over TV, spewing their nonsense about how the song was racist and a lynching anthem. Seriously, do these people have nothing better to do? Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View,” chimed in with her usual uninformed opinion, claiming that Aldean’s lyrics could be seen as racist. Give us a break, Whoopi! The song is about small-town life and people looking out for each other. It has nothing to do with race, but that doesn’t stop the leftists from making everything about race.

Tennessee state Rep. Justin Jones, another Democrat suffering from a severe case of outrage addiction, also joined in on the whining. He called the song a “lynching anthem” and ranted about racist violence and white nationalism. I mean, come on, dude! It’s a country song, not Mein Kampf. Get a grip!

Finally, Aldean responded to all the drama, calling out the leftists for their ridiculous accusations. He made it clear that the song has nothing to do with race and that the outrage is completely meritless. Bravo, Jason! Don’t let those whiners bring you down.

In the end, Aldean should send fruit baskets and thank you cards to all the lefties who complained about his song. Their fake outrage only propelled it to the top of the charts and gave him even more exposure. The leftists may think they’re making a difference, but all they’re really doing is boosting the popularity of an anti-progressive anthem. Keep crying, lefties. It only makes us stronger.

Written by Staff Reports

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