Biden’s Hidden Probe: What’s He Not Telling Us In Classified Docs?

Robert Hur, the special counsel for the Department of Justice, is currently in talks with Joe Biden's lawyers about the terms of the interview that he will give to investigators. According to NBC News, the negotiations are about the topics that will be covered, such as the former senator's storage of classified documents.

Although the Presidential Records Act does not allow Biden to claim that the materials he took while he served as a senator were personal, he cannot argue that they are protected from disclosure. According to NBC News, during the course of the investigation, the authorities discovered multiple notebooks that contained sensitive information. It is not clear how many documents were seized, but it is believed that this issue could be contributing to the investigation's length.

The difference between the leaking of the investigation conducted by Biden and the one conducted by the Department of Justice regarding Donald Trump is truly astonishing. While the former president's investigation was frequently leaked, Biden's investigation was leak-free. Moreover, the cost of the investigation was lower than that of the one looking into Trump.

The cost of the investigations conducted by Jack Smith regarding Trump and Robert Hur regarding Biden are estimated to be around $9 million and $1.2 million, respectively. The bias in these investigations is clear.

Whistleblowers within the IRS revealed that they came across leads that suggested that Biden was involved with his son's business dealings. However the investigators were instructed not to follow these leads and were denied access to certain documents, such as the infamous memo from the FBI.

It is difficult to ignore the contrast between Trump's and Biden's investigations. Many conservatives are complaining about how the former vice president is receiving preferential treatment compared to his predecessor.

Amuse is one of the commentators who has criticized the way Biden is being treated by the investigators. He stated that the prosecutor who is looking into his actions should provide Biden with a list of all the questions that he would like to ask the president before the interview takes place.

It's clear that there is a double standard being used by both the White House and the Department of Justice when it comes to the investigations of Trump and Biden.

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