Tampa Mayor Hooks $1 Million Cocaine Catch on Fishing Trip!

Tampa Mayor Jane Castor recently made a surprising catch while on a fishing trip in the Florida Keys. Her family reeled in a whopping 70 pounds of cocaine, which is valued at over $1 million. Talk about an unexpected discovery!

Castor shared the story of how they found the package, which she described as being about the size of a microwave. When they reached a no-wake zone, she wasted no time in contacting the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to report their unusual catch. The next day, the Miami Herald revealed that this wasn’t the first time a package like this had been found in the area. Apparently, a “recreational boater” had stumbled upon four other packages just that month.

As news of Castor’s find spread, Chief Border Patrol Agent Walter N. Slosar took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to congratulate her on her discovery. It was confirmed that the package contained 25 bricks of cocaine. Castor, with her background in law enforcement, certainly knows how to make a big bust!

In interviews following the incident, Castor humorously acknowledged her family’s initial concerns about being suspected of criminal activity. She also recounted how they stumbled upon the package, mistaking it for shade at first. But once they noticed the tightly wrapped packages and the rip in it, there was no doubt in their minds that they had stumbled upon a bale of cocaine.

This story highlights the ongoing issue of drug smuggling and the need for strict border security. It’s reassuring to see local officials like Mayor Castor taking an active role in addressing this problem. Kudos to Castor and her family for their unexpected contribution to fighting drug trafficking!

Written by Staff Reports

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