Liberals Rage as Woody Harrelson Backs RFK Jr, Biden’s Worst Nightmare!

Oh boy, buckle up folks, because the liberals are losing their minds once again. This time, it’s all because actor Woody Harrelson dared to sport a hat in support of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s presidential campaign. You can practically hear their keyboards clacking away, demanding that Harrelson be canceled for expressing his support for President Joe Biden’s biggest Democratic challenger.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, it’s no surprise that Harrelson would throw his hat in the ring for RFK. This “Natural Born Killers” star has been quite outspoken about his disdain for pandemic lockdowns and vaccine protocols. Remember his monologue on “Saturday Night Live”? He basically said that the whole COVID-19 situation was like a bad movie script, with drug cartels forcing everyone to stay locked in their homes and pumping them full of drugs. Quite the wild imagination there, Woody.

But don’t get too excited, liberals, because Harrelson isn’t alone in his support for RFK. Turns out, Kennedy is actually gaining some serious traction among Democratic primary voters, with polls showing him getting up to 20 percent of support in early-voting states. That’s got to be giving President Biden some sleepless nights.

And let’s not forget that Kennedy is a thorn in Biden’s side. He’s been calling out the so-called Deep State left and right, vowing to put an end to their censorship and investigate the president for alleged corrupt business deals with his son Hunter and other family members. Now that’s the kind of candidate we need to keep our politicians honest!

So go ahead, liberals, cancel Woody Harrelson all you want. It’s not going to change the fact that Kennedy is gaining ground and challenging Biden’s hold on the Democratic Party. It’s about time someone shook things up and brought some much-needed accountability to the highest office in the land. Keep clinging to your cancel culture, but don’t be surprised when the conservative wave comes crashing in.

Written by Staff Reports

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