Biden’s Hometown Residents Lash Out: Economy Hits Rock Bottom!

President Joe Biden has been on a cross-country tour, desperately trying to convince voters that his “Bidenomics” plan is working for America ahead of the 2024 election. However, even in his own hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, where he constantly reminds everyone that he’s “from,” people are not buying his economic claims. Fox News interviewed several Scranton voters and found that very few believe Biden’s rosy assessment of his economic record. In fact, most Americans are unhappy with the state of the economy and don’t believe Biden’s claims that everything is going well.

One voter, Robert Jones, bluntly stated, “This economy sucks. I mean, everything’s going up except paychecks. I just think the economy sucks ever since Biden got in.” It’s hard to argue with Robert’s sentiment. Since Biden took office, American household incomes have actually fallen three years in a row. Another Scranton resident named Kevin echoed this skepticism, saying, “I don’t think any of them see through the eyes of the people. I think all of them see it through the eyes of Washington.” Even registered Democrat Nellie criticized Biden for constantly claiming he’s “from Scranton,” pointing out that he moved away as a child.

While Biden boasts about having the best economy in history, the facts tell a different story. Household debt has skyrocketed, and many Americans are relying on credit cards for basic necessities like food. Biden also claims to have created more jobs than former President Donald Trump when, in reality, it’s the result of job losses during the pandemic that are slowly recovering. Just last week, Biden acknowledged that prices are too high and Americans are struggling, but instead of taking responsibility for his policies fueling inflation, he blamed businesses.

It’s clear that Americans, including those in his own hometown, are not convinced by Biden’s attempts to portray a thriving economy. They see through the illusions and recognize the hardships they face under his leadership. 

Written by Staff Reports

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Biden’s Hometown Residents Lament: Economy Plummets on His Watch!

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