Biden’s Hometown Residents Lament: Economy Plummets on His Watch!

President Joe Biden has been tirelessly traveling the country, desperately trying to convince voters that his economic plan, known as “Bidenomics,” is a success. However, even the people of his hometown, Scranton, Pennsylvania, aren’t buying it. Fox News interviewed several voters in Scranton and found that they were skeptical of Biden’s claims about the economy. In fact, few Americans are happy with the current state of the economy and are not convinced by Biden’s rosy assessment.

Biden took to one of his social media accounts to boast about his economic record, claiming that he looks at the economy through the eyes of the people he grew up with in Scranton and Claymont, Delaware. But when Fox News went to Scranton, they found very few Democratic voters who agreed with Biden’s assessment. Robert Jones, a Scranton resident, called Biden a “bunch of liars” and declared him to be the “worst president we ever had.” According to Jones, the economy has been on a downward spiral since Biden took office, and household incomes have fallen for three consecutive years.

Another voter, Kevin, also expressed doubt that Biden and his economic plan truly understand the struggles of average Americans. He believes that politicians, including Biden, see the economy through the lens of Washington and not through the eyes of the people. Kevin, a registered Democrat, admitted that he is not happy with the current state of the economy.

Nellie, another resident of Scranton, criticized Biden for constantly claiming to be “from Scranton” when he left the town as a child. She believes that Biden doesn’t truly understand what it means to be from the area. Betty, another resident, shared her personal opinion that the economy has worsened under Biden’s leadership and questioned how he could claim to see it through their eyes.

One Scranton resident, Mark, jokingly commented on Biden’s age, suggesting that if the country is going to bring back older leaders, why not bring back former President Jimmy Carter, who is 99 years old. Mark’s humor highlighted the concerns some Americans have about Biden’s age and ability to effectively govern.

Contrary to Biden’s claims, several economic indicators show that the economy is not as strong as he suggests. Household debt has reached record levels as Americans increasingly rely on credit cards for essential expenses. Additionally, Biden’s assertion that he has created more jobs than former President Donald Trump is questionable, as the job market recovery is primarily a result of the millions of jobs lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even Biden himself recently admitted that prices are too high and many Americans are struggling. However, he shifted blame onto businesses rather than taking responsibility for his policies, which have contributed to rising inflation.

Overall, it appears that Americans, including those in Scranton, are not easily swayed by Biden’s attempts to paint a positive picture of the economy. Whether it’s the people in his hometown or across the country, it seems that many are skeptical of his claims and are experiencing the economic challenges firsthand.

Written by Staff Reports

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