Biden’s Hypocrisy Exposed: Trump Indictment Mirrors King George III Tactics

Mark Levin, a conservative talk show host, criticized Joe Biden for his hypocrisy regarding the indictment of Donald Trump, who was accused of mishandling classified information. Levin referred to Biden as a liar after Trump claimed that he was not involved in the decision regarding the charges against his political rival. The host also compared the investigation into Trump's Mar-a Lago resort to the search of American colonists' businesses.

According to Levin, the rights of President Trump were violated when the authorities raided his home in Florida. He noted that former President Biden should have known about these violations before signing off on the investigation. The commentator also claimed that Trump’s lawyers were badly treated.

In response to a report released in March about the tabled legal documents, Levin criticized the Department of Justice's lawyers for ignoring the legal precedents established during the time of former President Bill Clinton. According to Clinton's lawyers, the president has the power to decide whether or not to keep personal materials separate from official reading materials.

The case against Trump will mainly be determined by the legal issues surrounding his actions. The authorities claim that the documents found at his Mar-a-lago resort were highly classified, which could allow enemies to use the facility to develop their defense capabilities. Despite this, Trump has maintained that he only declassified the materials after he left office.

The outspoken and thorough analysis of Levin has revealed the double standards and corruption at the heart of the investigations being conducted against Trump by the current administration. The conservative movement must not allow itself to be complacent and must fight against the progressive agenda.

Source: Trending Politics

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