Left-wing Media Tries to Muzzle Tucker: Twitter Show Under Fire!

The left-wing media’s tactics to silence conservative voices are becoming increasingly desperate. In the latest attempt to shut down Tucker Carlson, Fox News has allegedly sent him a cease-and-desist letter over his popular “Tucker on Twitter” shows. The streaming series has already garnered an impressive 170 million views, but Fox News claims that Carlson is in violation of his contract. This comes as no surprise as the fake mainstream media is constantly trying to silence conservative voices, especially those as vocal and honest as Tucker Carlson.

Fox News is still paying Carlson but has reportedly asked him to stop producing his Twitter show as it is a breach of their terms. However, Carlson is fighting back with a First Amendment argument and accusing the company of material breaches of his contract. It seems that Carlson’s contract is being interpreted differently by both parties, but Fox News maintains that his commentary is proprietary to them and he is still employed and being paid. Meanwhile, Carlson believes that Fox News is in breach of his contract.

It is shocking to see Fox News ignoring the interests of its viewers and shareholder obligations, but this is typical of the liberal mainstream media. The leftist agenda is permeating every aspect of media and politics, and conservative voices are being silenced left and right. The behind-the-scenes behavior and proposed monologues that led to Carlson’s removal from the network has never truly been confirmed by the network, further leaving its audience confused and angry.

It is time for us to stand behind Tucker Carlson and demand that the leftist media stops trying to silence conservative voices. We cannot let the left-wing media win in their blatant attempts to shut down conservative thought and ideas. Carlson is a critical voice for conservatives, and we must protect him from the left’s desperate tactics.

Source: Red State

Written by Staff Reports

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