Biden’s Inflation Cover-Up Exposed: Admin Claims Victory While Economy Suffers

The Biden administration has done it once again, creating a situation where they ended up falling flat on their face after trying to make themselves look good. A recent example of this came after the release of the consumer price index report, which showed inflation at 4 percent for May 2023. This report should have served as a warning that efforts need to be made to fix the country’s economy. However, the current administration decided to spin the report to their advantage, claiming that they have fixed the inflation problem.

The administration went even further, releasing a chart showing inflation skyrocketing in 2021 not long after Joe Biden took office. This chart gave us a clear indication that the problem began during their regime. It makes no sense that the Biden team continues to take credit for a situation that began during their watch. Several other individuals, including Bill Melugin and Carol Roth, took note of the administration’s attempt to cover up the truth.

Although the economy is experiencing a period of easing pressure at the moment, it is important to understand that the effects of inflation are debilitating the middle and working class over time. Core inflation rose 0.4 percent on the month, and this means the consumers are still under pressure. Nevertheless, we still expect fact-checkers from the mainstream press to look at this and report the truth, but we know they might decide to remain silent.

The Biden administration should realise the damage that the country has faced during their term and try to find viable solutions. Instead, they continue to take credit for situations they did not cause and spin reports to make it seem they are doing a great job. It is time they learn the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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