Biden’s Inflation Game: Making Americans Suffer & Dems Deny It

Prices are going up and up and up! Can you believe it? Whether it’s the gas pump or the grocery store, Americans are forking over more cash thanks to President Joe Biden’s reckless policies. It’s like he’s playing a game called “How Can I Make Americans Suffer More?” And boy, is he winning!

But don’t you dare expect the Democrats to admit that Biden’s to blame. Nope, they’ll come up with any excuse to defend him. Take this “Letter to the Editor” published by the Detroit Free Press, for example. They actually had the audacity to demand that Americans give Biden credit for fixing inflation! Can you believe the nerve?

According to the Left-wing outlet, inflation has only been running at 2.4% for the past three months. They even threw around some fancy numbers to prove their point. But let’s get real here, folks. Who cares about facts and statistics? We have our gut feelings, and they’re telling us that inflation is getting worse. And if the majority of voters feel the same way, then it must be true!

Sure, back in the day during the Reagan years, we had some inflation too. But guess what? Reagan had the guts to stabilize it at around 4%, much higher than what we have now. And you know what? Voters actually gave him credit for it! Can you imagine? People actually acknowledging a president’s success in reducing inflation. What a concept!

But let’s get back to the present. Biden has the audacity to claim that the U.S. has the “lowest inflation rate” worldwide. Ha! That’s a good one. Maybe in a parallel universe where down is up and cats bark, that statement might be true. But here on planet Earth, we know the reality. The U.S. Department of Labor’s latest report shows that the unemployment rate has risen to 3.8 percent, the highest level in months. And over 736,000 people started looking for jobs in just one month! But hey, why let pesky facts get in the way of a good narrative?

Oh, and let’s not forget about the article’s jab at the GOP. They claim that the Republicans want to take from the workers and give to the rich. Typical liberal nonsense, if you ask me. When Trump was in office, he had 160 million Americans employed and the unemployment rate hit a 50-year low. That’s right, folks. Trump’s “Blue-Collar Boom” was a real thing. Wages were growing for workers, and minorities and folks without a high-school diploma saw record low unemployment rates. But hey, who needs facts when you can just play politics?

So, buckle up, America. The prices are rising, and Biden’s policies are to blame. But don’t expect anyone on the left to admit it. They’re too busy defending their boy and ignoring the struggles of hardworking Americans. It’s up to us to see through their smoke and mirrors and fight for a better future. And hey, maybe one day we’ll have a president who actually cares about the middle class. A girl can dream, right?

Written by Staff Reports

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