Dems Washing Their Hands of Biden: The Unraveling Begins!

President Joe Biden’s border policies have been a source of discontent not just among Republicans, but also within his own Democratic Party. The Democratic Mayor of Eagle Pass, Texas, Rolando Salinas, has expressed his frustration with the influx of undocumented migrants entering the country. Salinas has condemned Biden for not securing the border and feels that his town has been left to fend for itself by the federal government. He attributed the unparalleled influx of migrants, citing 5,000 crossing the border into Eagle Pass in merely five days, to Biden's policies. Salinas rebuked the Biden Administration for their inaction in addressing the situation and their refusal to assist states in managing the predicament.

Mayor Salinas’s concerns didn’t end there. He urgently appealed to the Biden Administration to enforce the country's foundational laws, arguing that the current state is unjust to migrants who follow legal processes to enter the country. He highlighted the extensive time, effort, and financial resources required to become an American citizen and juxtaposed it with the benefits being accessed by undocumented migrants. The data supports his concerns; in August alone, the southern border reported 232,972 migrant encounters, marking a record high for the month. Amidst these challenges, Salinas declared a state of emergency when 2,500 individuals entered his town of 29,000 residents in a single day. The Del Rio sector, which includes Eagle Pass, has experienced 317,866 migrant encounters this year.

It is evident that the current border policies under Biden are creating turmoil and impacting both major political parties. The absence of proactive measures and support from the federal government is leading to growing discontent. It is imperative for both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to assume responsibility and address the unfolding crisis adequately. It is crucial to uphold the legality and fairness in immigration processes, reflecting the values and principles upon which the nation stands.

Written by Staff Reports

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