Biden’s Inflation Soars BBQ Costs This July 4th Hits Wallets Hard

The 4th of July BBQ bill is no joke these days, thanks to none other than Joe Biden. Ever since he took office, it’s been a steady climb up for inflation rates, now sitting at a hefty 5.4%. That’s nearly quadruple what it was back in January 2021 when Biden first stepped into the Oval Office. Prices for just about everything have been creeping up faster than Joe can check his watch at a fallen hero’s memorial service.

It’s not just the BBQ essentials that are hitting your wallet hard this year. The aftermath of Biden’s Afghanistan disaster is a painful reminder of his lack of leadership. With the mishaps in Afghanistan and the subsequent tragic deaths of American soldiers, it’s evident that Biden’s priorities are as muddled as a Sudoku puzzle with all the wrong numbers. 


Biden’s attempt to downplay the soaring costs with a tweet about a 16-cent decrease in meal prices fell flat, especially when the Farm Bureau reported a 17% increase in the cost of a July Fourth feast for the average family. The only thing decreasing faster than Biden’s approval ratings is the enthusiasm for his economic policies.

As the country grapples with skyrocketing food costs and an inflation rate hitting a 40-year high, it’s clear that Biden’s policies are causing more harm than good. While some may try to spin the narrative, the facts speak for themselves – Americans are feeling the squeeze in their wallets, and a BBQ under Biden’s watch is starting to look more like a luxury than a tradition.

With Biden’s team doubling down on divisive rhetoric and overinflated promises, it’s no wonder Americans are looking elsewhere for leadership. As the cost of living continues to rise, it’s time for a reality check in Washington, and maybe a new chef for the White House BBQ.

Written by Staff Reports

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