House Dems Urge Biden to Drop 2024 Bid Amid Campaign Turmoil

Looks like President Biden is in some serious hot water as Democrats start to panic about his shaky performance. A group of 25 House Democrats, according to an aide, is gearing up to tell Biden to bow out of his 2024 reelection bid if he doesn’t start looking more capable, pronto.

Ever since his cringe-worthy debate debacle against former President Trump, where he stumbled through responses that left viewers scratching their heads, the Biden campaign has been on a frenetic mission to convince voters, donors, and lawmakers that it’s not bedtime for the 81-year-old just yet. Despite these Herculean efforts, they seem to be failing spectacularly.

The latest slap in the face for Biden is a CNN poll showing 75% of registered voters believe the Democratic Party should swap him out for a more viable candidate. Even more concerning for the President, 56% of his own party’s voters think someone else should grab the top spot on the ticket. Yikes, Joe!

Lurking in the shadows no more, Reps. Lloyd Doggett of Texas and Jared Golden of Maine have become the first Democrats with the guts to urge Biden to get out of the race publicly. Meanwhile, Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez of Washington thinks Biden is doomed but stopped being shy about asking him to throw in the towel during an interview with KATU.

Nancy Pelosi, who initially stood by Biden after the debate, claiming that everyone would rally behind his stellar track record, has started sounding less like a cheerleader and more like a concerned parent. On MSNBC, she waffled, stating it’s a legitimate question to consider if Biden’s gaffes are a one-time slip-up or an ongoing issue. When Pelosi starts hedging, you know it’s bad.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to dismiss Biden’s meltdown as just a bad night, while Biden himself scrambled to rationalize the disaster by blaming his international jet-setting in June. Apparently, he conveniently ignores that he had been back in the U.S. for nearly two weeks before the debate. Keep those excuses coming, Joe!

Adding to the embarrassment, Biden admitted he ignored his staff’s advice against participating in the debate, confessing that he “nearly fell asleep on stage.” Great strategy! Biden insists he will address party concerns this week, but one thing is clear: his campaign looks more like a slow-motion train wreck with every passing day.

Written by Staff Reports

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