Biden’s Internet ‘Takeover’: FCC Commissioner Rings Alarm Bells!

In a sneaky move by the Biden administration, they’re attempting to seize control of the Internet and regulate it under the guise of “Equity.” This power grab is set to be voted on by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on November 15th. FCC Commissioner Brandon Carr is not holding back his criticism of this audacious move, calling it a “takeover” and expressing his opposition to the plan.

President Biden’s plan would give the federal government unprecedented authority to micromanage every aspect of how the Internet functions. From how Internet Service Providers (ISPs) allocate funds and build infrastructure to what services consumers can purchase, the government would have its hands in it all. This kind of central planning is a far cry from the free market capitalism principles that our country was built upon.

As if that wasn’t enough, the FCC would also have the power to regulate both actions and omissions, leaving no path to compliance with their regime. According to Carr, this reads like something straight out of a Soviet Studies Department. The Biden administration has been putting out myth after myth to try and justify their Internet takeover, but Carr isn’t buying it. He fact-checked these claims and found them to be baseless.

It’s clear that this power grab is motivated by an ideology of government control, not by a desire to protect the Internet or promote diversity. The Biden administration’s plan is a threat to free speech, free markets, and the fundamental principles that this country was founded on. Americans need to pay attention and fight back against this attempt to regulate the Internet.

Written by Staff Reports

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