Missing Ballots Found! Dems Can’t Hide Election Meddling Anymore

Surprisingly, the Fulton County elections board in Georgia has confirmed that "missing" ballots from the November 7 election had been found. These disregarded advance voting ballots, which were conveniently ignored during the first counting, were mysteriously discovered on Monday during a recount, casting doubt on the accuracy of the election process.

On the website of the Fulton County election board, it was stated that the recount was carried out in order to "confirm the accuracy of the election results before Election certification." The incident has revealed weaknesses in the current system, despite Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger expressing relief at the discovery and highlighting the significance of an auditable paper ballot mechanism.

Chair Patrise Perkins-Hooker attempted to minimize the significance of the found ballots by saying the recount would not cause a delay in the election's certification; yet, concerns about the election's accuracy and possible fraud persist. Only 300 votes separated the results of the vote, which raises questions that need to be addressed and thoroughly investigated.

Another unexpected turn of events was the withdrawal of criminal defense lawyers Donald F. Samuel and Amanda R. Clark Palmer from a 2020 election lawsuit involving the "missing" ballots, which stoked rumors about possible anomalies. The unexpected loss of legal counsel only serves to heighten the dread that people are feeling about the election.

Suzi Voyles, the poll manager for Fulton County, has also presented proof of possible voter fraud, pointing to a stack of suspiciously similar mail-in ballots that were marked for Joe Biden. Concerns regarding the integrity of the election process are raised by the precisely filled ovals, which were created using toner ink rather than pen or pencil, printed on a separate paper, and appeared brand new.

VoterGA, a nonprofit group dedicated to election integrity, discovered that 74 Georgian counties are unable to obtain original photographs of ballots cast in the November 2020 election, indicating that the problems in Fulton County are not unique. This lack of proof, coupled with claims that some are trying to hide their tracks, begs more concerns about accountability and transparency in the democratic process.

Though some in the mainstream media have dismissed the worries as unfounded conspiracies, the finding of "missing" ballots in Fulton County strengthens the case for a comprehensive examination of election security. This is an issue that transcends political boundaries and necessitates a thorough investigation to rectify the alleged shortcomings and rebuild trust in the democratic system. Keep checking back for additional updates on this evolving subject, and think about downloading the "Relentless Podcast" to go further into the details of what's really going on behind the headlines.


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