Biden’s Israel Stance Backfires as Support Shifts to Trump in Michigan

Did the shock of Biden’s sudden change of heart towards Israel really catch anyone by surprise after the terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7, 2023? It seems like only the most gullible fell for his feigned support – especially those in the antisemitic corner of the Democratic Party. Biden’s true colors on Israel are now shining through, and surprise, surprise – it might just be helping his political campaign.

It’s pretty clear that Joe Biden saw the Israel-Hamas conflict not as a crisis to solve but as a political opportunity to play the tough guy on the world stage. When you consider his blundering Afghanistan exit and the ongoing mess in Ukraine, it’s not like he has many success stories on his international resume.

Initially, Biden probably thought siding with Israel would score him some points among certain voters. However, it backfired big time, particularly within his own party. In Michigan, for example, support quickly swung towards Trump in the aftermath of the Hamas attack. Before all this started, Biden had a solid lead in Michigan, but that soon evaporated as Trump surged ahead in the polls.

Trump still holds the lead in Michigan, albeit a narrower one these days. This shift in voter sentiment wasn’t just a coincidence; it was a strategic move designed to catch Biden out. Michigan is a crucial battleground state for Biden, and if current polling holds, Trump has a comfortable lead in other key states like Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia.

For Biden to secure a win, he must retain all the Great Lakes states, while Trump just needs to snag one. Biden’s team clearly understands this electoral math and have made some concerning choices to cater to the more anti-Israel sentiments within their base.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, even called out the Biden administration for withholding vital support during the conflict. Netanyahu emphasized the crucial role the U.S. plays in supporting Israel against common enemies like Iran, and criticized the delays in providing necessary weapons and ammunition.

Israel is fighting for its survival against Hamas, and the lack of support from the U.S. is glaring. It’s baffling that Biden would choose to withhold aid to Israel while seemingly favoring Hamas, a recognized terrorist group. The only plausible explanation for such a detrimental stance is Biden’s desperate need to secure Michigan, where a strong Muslim voter bloc demonstrated their influence in recent Democratic primaries.

Written by Staff Reports

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