WaPo Suggests Biden Replace Kamala Harris with Hillary Clinton, Conservatives React Skeptically

In the midst of Biden’s tumultuous presidency, a Washington Post columnist makes a bold suggestion that has conservatives rolling their eyes. Kathleen Parker of WaPo believes that to combat concerns about Biden’s age and mental sharpness, he should replace Vice President Kamala Harris with none other than Hillary Clinton. Yes, you read that right. The woman who lost to Trump in 2016 might return to the spotlight if Parker has her way.

Parker argues that this switch could help resolve the “old-white-men dilemma” that the Democrats seem to be facing. With Biden potentially unable to complete a second term due to his age, the idea of Hillary stepping in seems like a far-fetched attempt to save the sinking ship. Democrats have been struggling to address Biden’s cognitive decline, either denying it outright or trying to deflect by pointing fingers at Trump’s mental state as well.

The issue isn’t just about Biden’s age on paper; it’s about his evident decline in recent years. Even the most physically fit 80-year-old would struggle to keep up with the demands of the presidency, and Biden’s slip-ups and moments of confusion have become increasingly apparent. While Trump has his critics, Biden’s decline is a hard fact that even his supporters can’t ignore.

But let’s not forget the other half of this proposed switcheroo: Kamala Harris. Parker delicately dances around the “Kamala Issue,” acknowledging her poor performance as vice president and her unpopularity. Replacing her with Hillary Clinton might seem like a Hail Mary pass to some, considering Clinton’s history and the divisive opinions about her among voters.

The question of whether this risky move would alienate Black voters is raised, with Harris not particularly seen as a significant draw for that demographic. While the idea of Hillary stepping in might sound exciting to some, it’s worth questioning if she’s truly the answer to the Democrats’ woes. Could Hillary really be the one to keep the country on track if Biden were to step down? It’s a thought that has sparked curiosity and plenty of eye-rolls from conservatives.

As the speculation swirls, one thing is clear: Hillary Clinton isn’t fading into the background anytime soon. Whether she becomes Biden’s VP or not, her presence in the political arena continues to spark debate and disbelief among conservatives. Who knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain – the idea of a Biden-Clinton ticket is a political spectacle many would rather not see become a reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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