Biden’s Job Fantasy: Economist Exposes Truth Behind “Victory”

President Biden and his Democrat comrades are patting themselves on the back over what they call a “victory” in the latest jobs report. They boast about the 336,000 jobs added in September as if it’s some kind of monumental achievement. Well, hold on to your hats, folks, because a conservative economist from the Heritage Foundation is here to burst their bubble and reveal the truth behind the numbers.

Our beloved President Biden had the audacity to claim that his administration has created a whopping 14 million jobs since he took office. But let’s not forget that a significant portion of those jobs are just people returning to work after being crushed by the government-mandated lockdowns. It’s like cheering for a doctor who fixed the bone he broke in the first place – it’s not a real accomplishment!

And it’s not just Biden tooting his own horn. Hillary Clinton, the perpetual cheerleader for all things Democrat, jumped on the bandwagon too. She proclaimed that “Bidenomics” is good for workers, the middle class, and America. Well, pardon us while we roll our eyes into oblivion. The only thing “Bidenomics” is good at is increasing government control and stifling economic growth.

But let’s dive deeper into the analysis provided by the brilliant economist from the Heritage Foundation, E.J. Antoni. This economic sleuth revealed some troubling truths about the so-called success of the jobs report.

Antoni pointed out that the labor force participation rate remains depressingly low at 62.8%. That means there are a whopping 5 million more people out of the labor force than before the pandemic. But hey, let’s just conveniently ignore them, shall we? It’s a classic Democrat move to artificially push down the unemployment rate and create the illusion of success.

And speaking of illusions, the economist also shed light on the fact that 22% of the jobs created came from the government. That’s right – the government is growing at an unsustainable rate, and guess who gets to foot the bill? That’s right, private sector workers like you and me. It’s like a never-ending money pit with no regard for the hardworking taxpayers.

But what’s truly concerning is the overwhelming rise in part-time jobs. Antoni revealed that every single job created in September was part-time. Can you believe that? While part-time jobs skyrocketed, full-time jobs plummeted by a staggering 700,000. Thanks, Biden, for bringing us back to the good ol’ days of job insecurity and uncertainty.

And let’s not forget the 37% of supposed gains that were due to double counting of multiple jobholders. It’s like cooking the books just to make yourself look good. But the truth will always prevail, and the truth is that these numbers are inflated and deceptive.

The economist also warns us about the impact of all these part-time jobs on wage growth. Surprise, surprise – when people can only find part-time work, their wages suffer. It’s simple economics. But the Dems will never admit their fault in this. They would rather plaster a fake smile on their faces and pretend like everything is hunky-dory.

So, folks, don’t be fooled by the Democrat victory lap over the jobs report. The underlying economic fundamentals are weak, earnings are not keeping up with inflation, and this job gains frenzy won’t last. It’s time for real solutions, not the smoke and mirrors of “Bidenomics.” Let’s bring back true economic growth, private sector strength, and a government that doesn’t suffocate the American dream.

Written by Staff Reports

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