Trump Accuses Biden of Bankrolling Hamas Attacks on Israel!

In a fiery speech delivered to a crowd in Waterloo, Iowa, former President Donald Trump held President Joe Biden accountable for the recent Hamas attack on Israel. Trump pointed the finger at Biden’s prisoner exchange with Iran, which he claimed released $6 billion to the isolated Islamic republic, known to be a funder of Hamas.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that massive wealth went into supporting this aggression,” Trump confidently declared, leaving no room for speculation.

The former president went on to assert that under his watch, such attacks would never have occurred, along with condemning the ongoing war in Ukraine and Chinese aggression toward Taiwan. According to Trump, these incidents were a reflection of America’s reputation under Biden’s leadership as a “grossly corrupt and incompetent” nation.

While the White House has clarified that the $6 billion was unfrozen for humanitarian purposes, the Republican party maintains that the funds indirectly support Hamas. Prominent figures like Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida have criticized Biden’s lenient policies towards Iran, suggesting that Israel now bears the brunt of those choices.

Unfazed by the accusations, Biden responded to the Hamas attack, denouncing it as an “appalling assault” on Israel. The president also described the Iran-supported group as “terrorists,” acknowledging their role in the violence.

It comes as no surprise that Trump would hold Biden accountable for the recent Hamas attack on Israel. This incident only highlights the dangers of the Biden administration’s naive approach to dealing with Iran. By releasing funds to a known Hamas supporter, Biden essentially emboldened the very forces that seek to harm our allies. It’s a clear example of the lack of foreign policy expertise and strategic thinking by the current administration. The safety and security of Israel should always be a priority, and it’s disappointing to see such negligence from our leaders.

Written by Staff Reports

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