Biden’s “Lid Day” Cover-Up: Secret Counsel Meeting Exposed!

On Monday, the Biden White House signaled to the American people that President Joe Biden had called it a day before noon, suggesting he was taking a break. However, it appears that Biden was occupied with something entirely different and somewhat covert.

While Hamas was causing distress in the Gaza Strip, President Biden was engaged in a two-day interview with none other than Special Counsel Robert Hur. What was the focus of their discussion? Well, it just so happens they were delving into Biden's handling of classified information following his departure from the vice presidency back in 2017. What a curious coincidence!

Evidently, Biden couldn't resist storing some classified documents near his swanky Corvette at his Delaware residence. Who needs a secure safe when you have a sleek sports car, right? It's worth noting that Hunter Biden, his well-known son, spent a significant amount of time in that same house during the pandemic. The way everything connects is rather intriguing, isn't it?

To add to the intrigue, the White House Counsel, in their less-than-transparent statement, conceded that the President willingly participated in this interview, which unfolded over two days, on Sunday and Monday. So much for all the talk about Biden's commitment to addressing the American people's concerns, right?

Hold onto your newfound freedom, patriots, because here's the kicker. After conveniently disappearing from the public eye on Monday, Biden is suddenly set to make an appearance and deliver remarks about the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas at 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday. It's almost miraculous how he can have a discussion with Hur and then reappear right on schedule for a timely announcement, isn't it? We could certainly use that kind of flexibility in our work schedules!

Let's not kid ourselves, folks. It's clear that Biden's "Lid Day" wasn't about resting or attending to important matters. Instead, it appears to have been a carefully orchestrated opportunity for a secret interview to address his handling of classified information. Actions like these underscore why we must remain vigilant, ensuring that every politician is held accountable for their actions. Wake up, America!

Written by Staff Reports

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