Biden’s Lockdown Legacy: COVID Restrictions Making a September Comeback?

The Biden administration is moving forward with plans to enforce strict COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions starting in mid-September, according to whistleblowers from the TSA and border patrol. A trusted source within the TSA revealed that new memorandums and policies were discussed during a recent meeting, which included a reinstatement of the mask mandate for TSA and airport employees. But it doesn’t stop there – the whistleblower also claimed that mask-wearing will be required for pilots, passengers, crew, and all airport visitors. The implementation of COVID-19 lockdowns is also being planned for September.

This news is truly concerning. It seems that the Biden administration is determined to bring back the heavy-handed restrictions that we thought we had finally escaped. These lockdowns are not only an infringement on our personal freedoms, but they also have severe economic consequences. The small businesses that have barely managed to survive through previous lockdowns will once again be pushed to the brink of collapse. It’s clear that the Biden administration is more interested in control than in supporting the economy and the well-being of its citizens.

To make matters worse, the Biden administration is using the fear of new COVID-19 variants as a justification for these extreme measures. But let’s not forget that the mainstream media has been exaggerating the threat of these new variants for weeks now. It’s all part of their fear-mongering tactics to keep the population in a constant state of panic. The fact that the World Health Organization has classified the EG.5 variant as a “variant of interest” shows that there is still much uncertainty surrounding these new strains. It’s irresponsible for the Biden administration to use this as a basis for implementing strict lockdowns and restrictions.

It’s clear that this is just another example of the Biden administration’s overreach and disregard for individual liberty. We must push back against these unnecessary and harmful measures. Our economy cannot afford another round of lockdowns, and our personal freedoms cannot be sacrificed in the name of control. It’s time for the Biden administration to prioritize the well-being and prosperity of the American people over their own agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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