Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Busted: Fact-Check Exposes Lies, Reveals Preferential Treatment!

On Sunday, Hunter Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, made appearances on two major news shows, spreading misinformation about the ongoing investigation into his client. However, a fact-check conducted by Empower Oversight, a group representing IRS Whistleblower Gary Shapley, revealed the truth behind Lowell’s claims.

One of the key points of contention was Lowell’s assertion that U.S. Attorney David Weiss had the authority to bring charges on his own before being appointed as special counsel. The fact-check debunked this, highlighting that special counsel authority was necessary for Weiss to have the power to bring charges in the proper jurisdictions. Lowell’s attempt to downplay the severity of the tax charges against Hunter Biden was also called out, with the fact-check explaining that the charges were not simply a matter of late taxes but involved false deductions, which is a felony offense.

Lowell also tried to argue that Hunter Biden was unfairly targeted due to his high-profile status. However, the fact-check revealed that the opposite was true – investigators testified that Hunter Biden received preferential treatment because of his last name. Prosecutors went to great lengths to shield him from scrutiny, removing his name from documents, court orders, and search warrants. They even tipped off defense counsel, preventing a search warrant for a storage unit.

Another misleading claim made by Lowell was his attempt to attack the credibility of U.S. Attorney Weiss by suggesting that he was a Trump appointee. The fact-check clarified that Weiss had also served in the Obama administration and had the support of Democratic Senators Tom Carper and Chris Coons. It was also revealed that several members of the prosecution team had democratic ties, further dispelling the notion of partisan bias.

The fact-check concluded by highlighting the pressure faced by investigators and the questionable handling of the case. Agents testified that prosecutors in the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office hindered the investigation and declined to follow leads. Additionally, Weiss’s lack of special charging authority meant he had to rely on the support of other U.S. Attorneys, who ultimately declined to partner with him. The fact-check also highlighted threats made by Hunter Biden’s attorney, who warned that charging his client would be “career suicide” for the prosecutors.

Overall, the fact-check exposes the misinformation and distortions presented by Hunter Biden’s attorney. It is clear that the investigation into Hunter Biden was not handled properly, with preferential treatment shown to him due to his family name. The fact-check raises serious concerns about the integrity and fairness of the investigation and calls into question the credibility of those involved.

Written by Staff Reports

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