Biden’s Mental Fitness Questioned by Insiders and Allies

The liberals have a big problem on their hands and it has nothing to do with their policies for once. Word on the street is that President Biden isn’t exactly a sharp tack anymore, and sources close to him suggest that mental decline has been an ongoing issue. This related news is coming from none other than Carl Bernstein, that journalist from the 70s who rode the Watergate scandal into fame. At 81 years old, Biden’s mental mishaps have been witnessed time and again by his own inner circle, and last week’s debate flop with Trump seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Carl Bernstein made an appearance on CNN to discuss how Biden’s friends and supporters—yes, those high-powered folks who bankroll his campaigns—have counted upwards of 15 to 20 incidents in the past year and a half where the President supposedly couldn’t keep his thoughts straight. It’s not exactly a confidence builder when top donors and allies are whispering concerns about your cognitive fitness, is it?

The real kicker is that even reporters have reportedly seen these episodes. They’re not heading to work expecting to play babysitter to the leader of the free world, yet here we are. Apparently, Ron Klain, Biden’s former White House chief of staff, has been in the loop about these issues. He was supposed to be prepping Biden for the debate, but even he couldn’t steer the ship away from the iceberg.

Bernstein’s sources are painting a pretty grim picture. They’re saying that while Biden might seem great in public appearances, backstage he’s got these “inexplicable moments” that have the inner circle hitting the panic button. Imagine a fraternity house where everyone’s seen the head honcho lose his marbles during meetings. Not a great look.

So while the mainstream media scrambles to keep the narrative polished, the reality is that even some top Democrats are sounding the alarm. They’re urging Klain and the First Family to confront these issues head-on before Biden has another public melt-down. Time will tell if they listen, or if they prefer to keep the charade going. Either way, it looks like the Biden show might be heading for a closure sooner than planned.

Written by Staff Reports

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