Democrats Turn on Biden After Debate Disaster Biden’s Inner Circle in Disarray

Well, isn’t this a surprise? The Democrat love fest with Joe Biden seems to be hitting rocky shores. After his latest debate disaster, it looks like even his blue pals can’t keep up the pretense any longer. POLITICO flashes the big headline that Dems are jumping ship and pointing fingers. That piece blew the lid off the myth of kindly old Joe. Apparently, he’s a nightmare behind closed doors—a senior official says everyone is terrified of ruffling his feathers.

Eyewitnesses inside the White House reveal the scene of aides walking on eggshells, crafting briefings like art pieces to either soothe or avoid a Biden blow-up. It sounds more like herding cats than running a country. Forget about the idea of “Nice Guy Joe”; it’s more like “Grumpy Grandpa.” The piece also suggests Biden’s handlers have been swaddling him in bubble wrap, shielding him from the big, scary world of cameras and critique.

After the debate debacle, it’s clear Biden’s inner circle isn’t just out of touch—they’ve run the whole operation into the ground. Even some of Biden’s own staffers are starting to admit that the cocooning strategy has backfired spectacularly. Democrats, who spent three and a half years keeping him far removed from scrutiny, are now scrambling to figure out where it all went wrong. Talk about an emperor with no clothes!

But hold onto your hats, it gets better! POLITICO spilled the beans that even Biden’s family is in on the finger-pointing game. During a family pow-wow at Camp David, they were quick to blame long-time aides like Anita Dunn and Ron Klain for the debate prep debacle. If the president’s closest circle can’t pull it together, how is he supposed to lead a nation? Democrats grumbling about the inner sanctum reveal a bunker mentality has taken hold, and the deeper they dig in, the less they listen to, well, anyone.

Just to add another twist to this melodrama, the staff’s attempts to protect Biden from reality had predictably disastrous results. His debate preparation was all cloak and dagger, tightly held by a few insiders. When Biden’s team sprung the two-debate strategy on the rest of the White House staff, it was like a bomb dropping. Funny how the folks who supposedly know him best didn’t see this train wreck coming.

It doesn’t end there. The report shines a light on how old Sleepy Joe’s team has managed his media exposure to minimize potential backfires. There’s a high likelihood his advisors deem the mainstream media too risky, preferring softball questions from influencers and podcasters. So much for transparency. He’s done fewer press conferences and interviews than any recent president, dodging the tough questions as if they were political landmines. Yet, the White House dares to call him accessible—what a joke!

So, there you have it. The tale of President Biden being protected like a fragile heirloom is no longer just whispered gossip. Even his own party sees the flaws and wants to course-correct before the ship sinks. The Democrats’ charade is falling apart, and it’s about time the American people get the full picture. President Biden isn’t just out of touch; he’s managed by a cabal of enablers who are more concerned with hiding his deficiencies than actually running the country.

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