Biden’s Military Prioritizes DEI Over Readiness Says Study

When liberals take the reins of the military, chaos ensues. A recent study from the Arizona State University Center for American Institutions has confirmed what many suspected: under the Biden administration, the U.S. military has devolved into a sprawling bureaucracy dedicated more to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives than actual military preparedness. Former Space Force Commander Matt Lohmeier minced no words in critiquing this shift, highlighting how DEI indoctrination has permeated military training, leading to a distracted and divided force ill-equipped to face real threats.

The staggering numbers reveal the extent of DEI infiltration in the Department of Defense. Budgets for DEI projects have skyrocketed under Biden, with millions of taxpayer dollars funneled into initiatives like “courageous conversations” on white privilege and the integration of personal pronouns in email signatures. Even the Navy’s stance on Black Lives Matter and the Marine Corps’ rejection of racial colorblindness showcase a troubling trend of ideological entanglement within the ranks.

But the indoctrination doesn’t stop at the recruitment stage; it begins early on at military academies. Students are encouraged to participate in race and gender affinity groups while being incentivized to report DEI violations. The promotion of critical race theory through initiatives like the “1619 Project” at the Air Force Academy and mandatory DEI discussions at the Naval Academy further illustrate the pervasive nature of ideological conditioning within military education.

The consequences of this DEI push are dire. Recruitment numbers have plummeted across the board, particularly among white recruits. With the military facing its smallest fighting force since World War II, questions loom over the readiness and cohesion of a military consumed by internal ideological battles. The primary mission of the U.S. military is to defend the nation, not to serve as a battleground for social experiments and divisive ideologies. Merit, not political correctness, should guide the selection of America’s bravest defenders.

Written by Staff Reports

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