House Speaker Predicts Trump Will Dominate Biden in Upcoming Debate

House Speaker Mike Johnson offered a noteworthy opinion on the upcoming debate between former President Donald Trump and President Biden. The Louisiana Republican confidently declared that Trump would steamroll Biden, even if the latter were pumped full of stimulants. Republicans have long questioned Biden’s cognitive abilities, with many advocating for a pre-debate drug test.

In the lead-up to Thursday’s CNN showdown, Biden has been prone to bouts of forgetfulness and has exhibited behaviors more fitting for a retiree at a bus stop than the leader of the free world. The Democrat’s public appearances are often marred by moments where he freezes, meanders, or lets his sentences trail off into oblivion. Johnson humorously pondered about “which Joe Biden” might make an appearance.

Insisting Biden could consume a whole gallon of energy drinks and still come up short, Johnson emphasized Trump’s unmatched acumen and readiness. Adding fuel to the fire, Johnson noted that despite the blatant bias of CNN moderators, it would be like a three-on-one match, suggesting they couldn’t skew things in Biden’s favor enough to make a difference.

Following Biden’s manic performance in his State of the Union address, many Republicans speculated he might have been under the influence of a potent cocktail of substances. They’ve since anticipated a similar chemically enhanced version of Biden to show up at the debate. Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, who previously served as the presidential doctor, formally requested that Biden undergo a drug test to “level the playing field” for voters who deserve to see Biden’s unvarnished abilities.

While Biden secluded himself at Camp David to prep with his handlers, Trump has been out on the campaign trail, engaging with the American people. Johnson himself spent time with Trump in Mar-a-Lago and confirmed that Trump is in high spirits and ready to present his vision for America’s future.

So, as the nation braces for this face-off, one thing is clear: viewers should expect a remarkable contrast between Trump’s solid agenda and Biden’s floundering attempts to keep pace.

Written by Staff Reports

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