Biden’s New Illegal Alien Plans: Why You Should Be Terrified Now!

The Biden Administration is doing everything it can to make sure that illegal immigrants feel welcome. They are not only giving them a warm welcome, but they also want to make it easier for them to stay in the U.S. without worrying about being sent home. Fox News says that the Department of Homeland Security is planning to give photo ID cards to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants before letting them into the country. These ID cards will have a photo, information about the person's life, and what ICE calls "cutting-edge security features." Sounds more like a gift than a way to stop people from coming here illegally.

Last year, ICE announced the "Secure Docket Program" to update the ID cards of illegal immigrants who were waiting for their court dates. The goal was to get rid of the paper forms that are used now because they get old quickly and are easy to lose. Now that ICE has told Congress about the pilot program as needed, they plan to give out these new ID cards. They will have room for a photo, a QR code, details about who they are, and the ICE logo. It's like a VIP pass for people who shouldn't be in the country to stay there.

Some people don't like this move. They say that the Biden Administration is trying to get illegal immigrants to come to and stay in the United States by giving them ID cards. President of the National Immigration Center for Enforcement RJ Hauman said, "ICE should be arresting, detaining, and deporting people who come here illegally, not giving them social services." It's clear that the Biden Administration's main goal is to make newcomers feel welcome, not to keep our borders safe.

And while the Biden Administration is busy giving out ID cards, there are a lot more people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without permission. Over 10,000 illegal immigrants walked into Eagle Pass, Texas, in just 24 hours. This caused a state of emergency. With hundreds more coming, it's clear that something needs to be done to solve this problem. But the Biden Administration is focused on making it easy for illegal immigrants to stay instead of taking steps to secure the border and enforce our immigration laws. It shows that they don't care at all about the safety and security of Americans.

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