Spartz Scorches Garland: Explosive Clash over American Freedoms Threatened by DOJ!

In a fiery defense of American freedom, Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-IN) took Attorney General Merrick Garland to task during his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. With her personal experience as someone who fled Soviet control, Spartz expressed her concern about the weaponization of the government and its impact on American citizens. She highlighted the fear that many Americans now have towards their government and challenged Garland on his response, which she viewed as dismissing legitimate concerns as “attacks” on the DOJ.

Spartz didn’t stop there. She also raised the issue of FISA violations, equating them to tactics employed by the KGB. She criticized the selective handling of cases, pointing out the slower pace of investigations against Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden compared to the expediency with which cases against former President Donald Trump were handled. Spartz even sarcastically suggested that the DOJ should consider testing for amnesia as part of their hiring policy, given the seeming forgetfulness of certain agents.

Taking a broader perspective, Spartz highlighted the potential impact of these actions on the country’s stability and reputation, particularly in relation to Russia and China. She argued that such actions not only undermine trust in the Biden administration but also contribute to the Democrats’ claimed concerns about foreign propaganda. Spartz warned that these harmful actions put our republic in significant danger and emphasized the need for accountability.

With her passionate and well-articulated defense, Spartz shed light on the alarming state of affairs within the DOJ and echoed the concerns felt by many Americans. Her call to action serves as a reminder that safeguarding our freedoms requires active engagement and holding our government accountable.

Written by Staff Reports

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