Biden’s Scandal-plagued Son Pushes for IRS Whistleblower Prosecution!

According to a report in the New York Times, Hunter Biden's lawyers are pushing the Department of Justice to file criminal charges against the whistleblowers who revealed details about the former's tax evasion case. The whistleblowers' testimony was made public in June by the House Ways and Means Committee, which revealed how the investigation was handled.

Whistleblower Gary Shapley claimed that David Weiss, the US Attorney for the District Of Columbia, told the team that he would not be involved in deciding whether or not to bring charges against Hunter Biden. According to Shapley, the team was informed several months ago that Matthew Graves, the US Attorney for the District Of Columbia, had no intention of indicting the former Vice President on more serious charges.

Daniel Werfel, the IRS Commissioner, had previously assured the whistleblowers that they would not be retaliated against. However, according to reports, Hunter Biden's lawyers are urging the Department of Justice to file charges against the individuals who revealed the details of the investigation.

James Comer, a Republican, criticized the reported move against the whistleblowers, saying it was an attempt to intimidate them.

Apart from their concerns about the potential political interference in the investigation, the whistleblowers provided evidence of an explicit WhatsApp message from Biden, in which he threatened to destroy a Chinese businessman if he didn't wire money. He also asked the recipient to immediately resolve the issue and warned of repercussions should anyone else contact him about the issue.

These developments raise more questions about the possible conflicts of interest that Biden may have had with his business.

As a conservative journalist, it is alarming that the lawyers of Hunter Biden are threatening the whistleblowers in order to silence them and prevent them from testifying. It is also critical that the Department of Justice conducts a thorough investigation into the allegations that have been made against the former Vice President.

This is yet another instance of how members of the Biden family, despite their political affiliation, continue to act in ways that raise concerns about potential ethical and corruption issues.

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