Biden Vacays While Maui Burns: Too Little, Too Late for Grieving Hawaiians?

President Joe Biden finally made his way to Maui after an excruciatingly long two weeks of wildfires wreaking havoc. The devastation caused by these wildfires is unimaginable – over 100 lives lost, 850 people unaccounted for, and billions of dollars in property damage. But where was Biden during all this chaos? Oh, that’s right, he was on vacation. Vacationing in Rehoboth Beach and Lake Tahoe, enjoying some “valuable, quality family time.” Meanwhile, the people of Maui were left to fend for themselves as their homes and lives went up in flames.

The residents of Lāhainā were not thrilled about Biden’s belated visit either. They were there, standing for hours with Hawaiian flags and signs that screamed, “He’s too late!” and “Actions speak louder than words.” And let’s not forget that Biden himself had nothing to say about the wildfires for days. He nonchalantly brushed off questions from the press with smirks and silence, as if their suffering meant nothing to him.

But of course, the White House and Biden’s cronies want us to believe that they’ve been on top of this crisis from the very beginning. Countless statements, fact-sheets, and tweets have been sent out, trying to convince us that they’re doing a wonderful job. Too little, too late, if you ask me.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has been noticeably absent from the briefings, and when she did show up, she had nothing useful to say. She couldn’t even announce when Biden would be making his grand appearance in Maui. It’s clear that the White House was caught off guard and scrambling to come up with a narrative to spin.

Principal Deputy Press Secretary Olivia Dalton attempted to gaslight the American people by insisting that Biden has been there “from day one.” Really? Because the Maui residents seem pretty frustrated with his response. When asked how Biden was preparing for a potentially tough reception, Dalton stumbled and offered vague assurances that the president would stand with them. Sorry, but words don’t mean much when actions are sorely lacking.

And let’s not forget the cringe-worthy missteps during Biden’s visit. He couldn’t even pronounce the word “tragedy” correctly, let alone the names of Hawaiian officials. And in a desperate attempt to empathize, Biden claimed he lost his house in a fire. Newsflash, Mr. President, a “small fire” in your kitchen is not comparable to the devastation faced by the people of Maui.

But it’s not just the lack of action during this crisis that raises eyebrows. Biden has a track record of failing to respond promptly to disasters. Just look at East Palestine, Ohio, where a train derailed over six months ago. Biden hasn’t bothered to visit or offer any support. It seems his priorities lie elsewhere, and it’s certainly not with the American people.

So while Biden finally graces Maui with his presence, let’s not forget the countless lives lost and the suffering endured while he was on vacation. This is not leadership. This is a dereliction of duty. The people of Maui deserved better, and they deserve better from their president.

Written by Staff Reports

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