Biden’s Silence Costs Lives: Hamas Attack Ignored While Americans Suffer

In a stunning display of negligence, the White House called it quits for the day while American citizens were losing their lives in the brutal Hamas attack on Israel. It took hours for President Joe Biden to finally release a statement about the “American Citizens Impacted in Israel,” and even then, he conveniently left out the fact that Hamas was responsible for the deadly attacks. What’s worse, Biden had the audacity to claim that the safety of American citizens is his top priority, even as he left countless Americans stranded in the clutches of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Instead of addressing the real issue at hand, Biden focused on the possibility that American citizens may be held hostage by Hamas. It’s clear where his priorities lie – not with the Americans already killed, but with those potentially in danger. This is just another example of the Biden administration’s incompetence and disregard for American lives.

While American citizens were being dragged into a terrifying hostage situation by Hamas terrorists, Biden was twiddling his thumbs. It wasn’t until public pressure mounted that he decided to take action. He claims to have directed his team to work with Israeli counterparts, but we all know it’s too little, too late. American lives should have been his priority from the very beginning, but instead, he chose to turn a blind eye.

Of course, Biden couldn’t resist playing the victim card. He talked about the attack on Israel not being a distant tragedy and acknowledged the pain felt by American families. While it’s important to empathize with those affected, it’s equally important to address the real threat at hand – the terrorist organization Hamas. But Biden conveniently omitted any mention of Hamas in his statement, further demonstrating his refusal to hold terrorists accountable for their actions.

It’s not surprising that the White House faced criticism for its lack of action and transparency during this crisis. Instead of providing regular briefings and updates, the American people were left in the dark. We didn’t hear a peep from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre or her National Security Council counterpart, John Kirby. The lack of communication from the administration speaks volumes about their disregard for the American people’s right to know.

In the end, Biden’s statement was nothing more than empty words. His promises to support Israel and provide the necessary resources to defend itself ring hollow when compared to his actual actions. American citizens deserve a leader who prioritizes their safety and takes swift and decisive action to protect them. Unfortunately, all we have is a president who seems more interested in playing politics than in fulfilling his duty to the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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