Biden’s Spend-a-palooza Hits Baltimore Bridge! Wallets Beware!

It’s that time again, folks! President Joe Biden is at it once more, this time delivering remarks about the Francis Scott Key Bridge and the reopening of the Port of Baltimore. Let’s see what the President has up his sleeve this time, and let’s hope it’s not another one of his infamous gaffes.

Now, the Francis Scott Key Bridge is a crucial piece of infrastructure here in the good old USA, and it seems like Biden wants to make some changes. But let’s not forget that this is the same guy who wants to spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on who knows what, so we can only imagine what kind of wild ideas he’ll be throwing around this time.

And as for the Port of Baltimore, we all know that reopening it is a big deal for our economy. But with the Biden administration’s track record, who knows what kind of regulations and red tape they’ll slap on our hardworking American businesses this time.

So, you better hold onto your hats, folks. It’s President Biden’s time to shine, and we’re all just along for the bumpy, tax-and-spend liberal ride. Let’s hope our wallets survive this one!

Written by Staff Reports

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