Biden’s Story Shattered: Damning Testimony Smashes Son’s Business Denials!

Due to a recent revelation, Joe Biden is under fire for his previous statements about not discussing his son's business activities in other countries. According to testimonies, the President had regular discussions with his son's associates, which contradicts his previous claims.

During his previous interview, Biden was asked about his knowledge about his son's international business ventures. He stated that he had never discussed his son's business activities with him or his brother. He also noted that he would maintain a wall between government and private business.

In response to a question, the President maintained that he still stands by his statement about the situation in Libya. However, he added that these claims are being questioned due to recent developments.

According to Devon Archer, who was Hunter Biden's business partner, the president spoke with his various business associates around 20 times. This contradicts Biden's statements about not being involved in his son's business affairs.

The controversy surrounding the Bidens' possible involvement in dubious deals has raised concerns about the president's trustworthiness and transparency. Due to the President's insistence on not discussing his son Hunter's business activities, his actions have raised questions about his integrity.

The revelation regarding the President's meetings with his various business associates has raised more questions about the truthfulness of his statements about not being involved in the activities of his son. It shows that he tried to make a false statement in order to hide his family's ethical problems.

Americans deserve better than a president who hides behind his false statements and a wall between his private and public lives. It's time for Biden to step up and be held responsible for his actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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