Unseen Biden Briefing Footage Adds Fuel to Hunter Saga!

The press briefing moment that went largely underreported but caught the attention of conservatives was a question about Joe Biden’s whereabouts during a meeting with Italy’s Prime Minister. It is customary for the President to hold a joint press conference with foreign leaders, but Biden was notably absent. When asked about it, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre dodged the question, claiming that it was the US that did not want to have a joint press conference. However, this explanation seemed dubious considering past presidents like Barack Obama and Donald Trump had honored their Italian counterparts with joint press conferences. This raises questions about why Biden chose not to hold a joint press conference and what the administration is trying to hide.

Another moment during the briefing involved a reporter imploring Jean-Pierre to bring Biden into the briefing room to address questions about his health. The reporter suggested that if Biden spent 45 minutes answering questions, it would put any concerns about his health to rest. However, Jean-Pierre deflected the request and failed to address the question. This only adds to the mounting skepticism about Biden’s physical and cognitive abilities.

It is clear that the Biden administration is avoiding addressing the allegations against Biden and his son, Hunter, involving bribery and corruption. The fact that Biden refuses to answer questions and engage in transparency only fuels suspicion and reinforces the belief that there is something to hide. If there is nothing to hide, as Biden has claimed in the past, then why not provide straightforward answers? It is evident that the Biden White House is protecting Biden from potentially damaging revelations about his alleged involvement in his son’s business affairs.

Once again, Biden’s lack of transparency raises concerns about his fitness to lead the country. As more information emerges about his avoidance tactics and questionable actions, it becomes increasingly clear that the American people deserve answers. The media’s efforts to downplay or dismiss these issues are no longer tenable, and it is crucial for journalists to hold Biden accountable and seek the truth. Only through transparency and honesty can the American people have confidence in their leader.

Written by Staff Reports

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