Biden Shakes Off ‘Deadbeat Granddad’ Image – Is it All An Act?

After years of avoiding discussing his grandson's existence, US President Joe Biden finally acknowledged his seventh grandchild. In an interview with People Magazine, the President said that Navy's mother, Lunden, and his son, Hunter, are working together to make their relationship work. Despite the President's claims that this isn't a political issue, it has some conservative members of the community talking.

This news came just before a court appearance between Hunter Biden and his lawyer Lunden Roberts. The former's legal battle with his daughter, Navy Joan, started in 2019 after he refused to acknowledge her as his child. He was ordered to submit to a paternity test. It's hard to believe that the President took this long to acknowledge his granddaughter, especially since he reportedly values family values.

The actions of Hunter Biden throughout this matter have added to the fire. While he had been engaging in illicit activities, such as drug use and paying for escorts, he failed to support his daughter. When the court ordered him to do so, Biden claimed that he was experiencing financial hardship, and he asked for the payments to be lowered.

He also demanded that Navy Joan be prevented from using the Biden name. This is a clear example of his lack of responsibility.

It's troubling to see that Joe Biden, who reportedly prioritizes family values, has neglected his own granddaughter. He has not been in touch with Navy Joan despite his promise to answer their calls. This lack of involvement and his apparent lack of concern for his family directly contradict his claims about being dedicated to them.


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