Biden’s Blinds: Ongoing Press Evasion Shrouds White House In Mystery!

President Joe Biden seems to have set a new record in avoiding the press, and a White House reporter is not happy about it. During a press briefing, a reporter called for Biden to come out of hiding and face the American people, especially with all the scandals surrounding his family. Instead of addressing the question, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre went off on a tangent about how great the economy is and how much Biden has accomplished. It’s clear that the reporter’s request went unanswered.

To put things into perspective, Biden has held fewer press conferences than any other recent president. He even broke a 100-year record by waiting two whole months after his inauguration to hold his first press conference. And when he does hold press conferences, they are usually scripted and tightly controlled. It seems like Biden is afraid of facing tough questions and would rather stick to his prepared remarks.

The White House Correspondents’ Association has called out Biden for his lack of transparency and accountability to the public. They believe that Biden is diminishing the importance of a free press by denying them the access that previous presidents have allowed. It’s disappointing to see a president who claims to value transparency and democracy shy away from the press and avoid addressing important issues.

It’s clear that Biden is avoiding the press because he doesn’t want to face the scrutiny and questions that come with it. With scandals surrounding his family’s corrupt dealings, it’s no wonder he wants to steer clear of any uncomfortable conversations. But the American people deserve transparency and accountability from their president. It’s time for Biden to step out of hiding, face the press, and answer the tough questions. Only then can we truly trust and have confidence in his leadership.

Written by Staff Reports

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