Bold in Red: California’s Math Distorted by Marxist Ideas, State in Deep Crisis!

In a stunning display of left-wing lunacy, California has implemented new math standards that are openly promoting Marxist ideology. The state government, known for its progressive policies and woke agenda, has now infiltrated the education system and is indoctrinating young minds with radical ideas. The goal of these new standards is supposedly to achieve equity in math learning for non-whites and low-income students. But instead of focusing on teaching actual math skills, the curriculum will be dumbed down and infused with political issues and student organizing.

It’s truly mind-boggling that California would prioritize social justice over actual education. Mathematics is a fundamental subject that forms the basis of many important fields, from economics to engineering. By watering down the curriculum and eliminating important skills like long division, California is ensuring that its students will be ill-equipped to succeed in the real world. But I guess in the progressive utopia of California, being able to solve math problems is less important than expressing your feelings and examining inequities.

Thankfully, school choice is gaining momentum across the country, and it’s no wonder why. Parents are tired of seeing their children subjected to this kind of indoctrination and are seeking alternatives. While it would be ideal to completely eliminate government involvement in education, school choice is a step in the right direction. Perhaps even in a place as loony as California, parents will take a stand and demand better for their children.

In the end, the purpose of education should be to equip young adults with marketable skills. California’s adoption of Marxist propaganda disguised as math is a failure on that front. It can’t continue indefinitely, and hopefully, a breaking point will come sooner rather than later. As the saying goes, what can’t continue, won’t continue. The people of California deserve better than this.

Written by Staff Reports

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