Biden’s TikTok Romance Implodes: CCP Censors and Gen-Z Voters Turn on Him!

The Biden administration’s love affair with Chinese-controlled social media giant TikTok is starting to crumble faster than a stale cookie. Despite warnings from Republicans and even some Democrats about the app’s potential influence on American users, Biden and his party brushed off concerns and continued to cozy up to TikTok influencers in their desperate attempt to push their agenda to the youth.

But now, it seems like the chickens are coming home to roost. TikTok’s young user base has turned on Biden, leaving him in a state of panic. Fox News Channel’s Jacqui Heinrich reported that the administration is “seriously fretting” about trending terms on TikTok like “silent depression,” which reflect the negative impact of Bidenomics on young people. Oh, the irony! Biden’s own social media strategy is backfiring, and there’s not much he can do about it.

The Biden campaign’s plan to flood TikTok with pro-Biden content might not even work, thanks to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) censors who control the algorithm and decide which videos Americans see. Imagine that! The very platform that Biden thought would give him an advantage over Republicans is controlled by a regime that has committed genocide. It’s like asking a fox to guard the henhouse.

Back in March, Townhall reported that banning TikTok would not only hurt the CCP but also Democrats themselves. TikTok is a key channel through which Democrat candidates reach young voters, who tend to lean left. It’s the dominant platform for Gen-Z voters, and Biden would be politically insane to ban it before the 2024 election. So, while Biden and his party thought they were being clever by aligning themselves with a genocidal regime, they ended up sacrificing the trust of young voters they desperately need for re-election.

Recent polls show that Biden is losing ground among young voters. He trails Trump by four points, compared to a 20-point lead he had in the 2020 election. It seems that the platform he so eagerly protected might not be able to save him this time.

It’s a classic case of putting politics over principle. Biden and his party were willing to turn a blind eye to China’s misdeeds and sacrifice the trust of young voters just to gain a short-term advantage. But now they’re facing the consequences of their misguided strategy. Let this be a lesson to all politicians: cozying up to a communist regime never ends well.

Written by Staff Reports

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