Biden’s Treasury Wastes Tax Dollars on Pro-Union Propaganda!

The Biden administration is once again using federal agencies to push its political agenda. This time it’s about supporting labor unions, which are the Democratic Party's unofficial wings. In a call with Kamala Harris, Janet Yellen, the secretary of the Treasury Department, revealed that the agency had wasted a lot of money on a report that claimed to make the case for unions.

The report was released by Yellen, who stated that the administration is committed to strengthening labor unions' vital role. Unfortunately, unions have been getting a lot of criticism lately, especially from teachers. In addition, they played a significant role in helping Biden and the Democrats get elected. So, this report is just a thank you gift for their efforts.

This report claimed that unions were able to raise their members' wages by around 10% to 15%. But, this is not true. In reality, unions don't need to provide great benefits and wages in the U.S. The economy already has these things. Since the Biden administration's tax and spend policies have led to inflation, all employees' real wages have gone negative.

Despite the report's claims about unions' role in improving the safety and grievance systems in the workplace, it's not necessary for them to be involved in the creation of a safe environment. For instance, the Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970 requires employers to ensure that workers have a safe workplace.

Despite the various agencies that have been established by the Biden administration to prevent discrimination, the secretary of the Treasury Department, Janet Yellen, claims that unions can help close the gender and racial wage gaps. This is an indication that she doesn't believe that these agencies work. The Biden administration is more concerned with identity politics and doesn't want to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities.

Let's not forget the union's claim that it can help promote economic growth and reverse inequality. How can they supposedly do this by forcing businesses to capitulate to their demands and restrict free enterprise? Sorry, but that's not how a flourishing economy can be created. Individuals and the free market are the key to success.

The Biden administration has once again used federal agencies to advance its political agenda. They are spending public money on useless studies that support labor unions, and it is no wonder that the country is experiencing problems under their leadership. It's time to rein in the administrative state, and it's time to stop playing identity politics and focus on individual rights and economic freedom.

Written by Staff Reports

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