Jordan Exposes Dems’ Witch Hunt Against Trump in Georgia!

In a display of political pressure, Jim Jordan, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, demanded that Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, provide him with records related to her investigation into the attempted election fraud in Georgia.

Believing that Congress has the right to investigate matters related to the welfare of a former or current president, Jordan conveniently ignores the fact that the investigation is part of a Democratic plot to discredit and undermine Donald Trump. It's clear that this investigation is a political witch hunt to prevent the frontrunner of the Republican Party from challenging Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

Jordan also questions the role that Willis played in charging Trump with the Biden administration, implying that there was a conspiracy behind her actions. Many of her witnesses are similar to those that Jack Smith referenced in his report. The impartiality of the investigation is in doubt.

The letter criticized the timing of the investigation, as it occurred just days before the indictment of Willis, who is a Democrat. Four days before the charges were made, she launched a political fundraising website that exploited President Trump's name. It's clear that she is using the investigation for her own political ambitions and personal gain.

The investigation into Trump's activities resembles the one that Alvin Bragg, the district attorney of New York's Manhattan, brought against him. Both Bragg and Willis are Democrats, and they have shown a pattern of political bias. While they're eager to bring down Trump, they're also known to reduce the severity of criminal charges in other cases.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Jordan, and James Comer are all denouncing the witch hunts that are being conducted by Democrats. They believe that these investigations are politically motivated and aimed at undermining the president. It's time for Americans to rally behind Trump as he fights these unfair and unjust charges.

Written by Staff Reports

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